How to prepare for your first driving lesson

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Signing up for driving lessons is exciting. But, from my many years working with student drivers, I’ve also seen many people who are very nervous about their first driving lesson.

The good news: it’s perfectly normal to be nervous, especially on your first time. Driving is a skill, and if you’ve never done it before, then it’s definitely expected that you’d be nervous about trying it.

That said, there are several things you could do to reduce stress and nervousness on your first day. Consider these tips before seeing your driving instructor.

1. Bring your license. 

This one’s a basic one, but if you’ve just gotten your learner’s license (of Class 7 ICBC license, if you’re from BC), then you may not be used to bringing it with you all the time. Put it in your wallet and make it a habit to do so. You’ll need your license every time you take a driving lesson. It’s the law. And when your instructor issues your receipt, he or she will need your license. Failure to bring your license will result to your instructor cancelling your lesson.

2. Read your book. 

A basic understanding of road rules will save you a lot of time and confusion. Don’t throw out your copy of ICBC’s Learn to Drive Smart book even after your knowledge test. You’ll need to review the book many times are you’re practicing to drive. Before you head to your first lesson, brush up on the content of the book.

3. Be familiar with road signs. 

This tip is an extension of tip #2, but I can’t reiterate it enough. If you know road signs by heart, then your instructor will take less time explaining what those signs mean and can focus on teaching you new skills.

4. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes.

The more comfortable you are, the better you’ll do in your first lesson. So choose clothes that are loose and comfy.

Comfort is especially important when it comes to your footwear. You want to be able to feel the break and gas pedals. I recommend sneakers or runners as opposed to dress shoes or boots.

5. Don’t be late.

There’s nothing more stressful than arriving at an appointment late. So be punctual. Arrive a few minutes early in your meeting location to settle your mind and relax a bit.

Ready to book your first driving lesson? Visit the SenSen Driving School website to contact us today. 



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