Sign of the week: Green lights


Lets keep it simple this week. We will be discussing what the green traffic light means. Green means go. Okay, end of post. Just kidding. There is a little more to this than that statement.

If you are approaching the intersection and the light is green, please proceed through when it is clear. Sometimes you need to hover your foot over the brake just in case someone is running the red light or stop sign, but you need to keep going through if there are no hazards.

I often remind students that green means go! If you are braking unnecessarily, you may be confusing the cars behind you because of your brake lights. They may think you are braking because you saw a hazard on the road and it will start a chain effect of everyone behind you. Yes, there are times where you might need to slow down, but generally speaking, you need to keep your speed so you can exit the intersection safely.

Turning right on a green light

If you are turning right, please scan the intersection (Left, Centre, Right and Left), slow down and make the turn. Don’t forget your shoulder checks. Don’t make a complete stop unless there are pedestrians crossing parallel to you on the right to wait for. This can be very dangerous because the car behind you might not expect you to come to a complete stop when there isn’t anything to stop for, and they can rear end you if they aren’t paying enough attention.

Turning left on a green light

If you are turning left, please refer to the left turn blog post for details.

Flashing green light 


A flashing green light means the traffic light is pedestrian controlled. Go through only when it is clear. At these intersections, there are buttons located at every corner allowing the pedestrian to control the light. When the person proceeds to push this button, it will initiate the countdown to turn yellow then red, or immediately turn yellow then red depending on the intersection.

This is a unique setup. If you are approaching an intersection and the green light is flashing and you see a pedestrian standing by the button, then you can safely assume the light will turn yellow shortly. Be prepared to slow down. Of course, if you are at the point of no return, then carry on through and finish what you are doing. (Don’t try to beat the light.)

Flashing green arrow with a steady light


<p>Sometimes you will see traffic lights with a fourth light on the bottom. Typically this light is for the green arrow. When the green arrow is flashing, this means it is a protected left turn.

There will be times where you see the green light and a green arrow. This means cars going straight through can go and the people who want to turn left can also go.

Flashing green arrow with a steady red light


There will be times where you see the green arrow but the traffic light is red. In this case, cars going straight through need to wait. The people who are turning left have a protected light.

Don’t hesitate to contact us at SenSen Driving School if you have any questions or concerns. We would be more than happy to assist you in your journey to becoming a safe and confident driver.


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