What’s the difference between yellow versus white speed limit signs?

This week we will be discussing the difference between white sign speed limits and yellow sign speed limits. Is there even a difference? Aren’t all speed limit signs the same?


White sign speed limits are the law. If you choose to disregard these signs on the road, then it would be an offence under the B.C. Motor Vehicle Act. Anyone who decides not to follow these signs could receive tickets and/or penalties.

You can safely assume the speed limit is 50 km/h inside the city or 80 km/h on the highway unless a sign tells you otherwise. If you end up in an alley or laneway, then the speed limit would be 20 km/h.

A reminder that the speed limit is a maximum and not a minimum. If there are hazards  or less than ideal conditions on the road, then you might need to reduce your speed to be safe. Work closely with your driving instructor or supervisor to find out what speeds you should be driving at in difference situations.

Sometimes you will find white sign speed limits with an arrow on top. These signs warn you that there is a speed limit change ahead. It can go either way: signs could tell you to go slower or to go faster. Observe the sign and drive accordingly.

Yellow sign speed limits are warning signs that tell you suggested or recommended speed limits. I strongly recommend you follow these signs because they are up there for a reason! Typically these signs are accompanied with another sign warning you of a curve ahead or bumps ahead. Sometimes it is simply because your vision would be limited due to a hill, for example.


As always, look further ahead to see the signs. Too often, students are so focused on what is directly in front that they miss these very important signs.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. We would be more than happy to help!

Drive Safe. Drive Smart. Drive with Confidence.



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