Sign of the week: Turn control signs

Turn Control Signs

Turn control signs are are typically located directly above the intersection. Often there will be at least two of these signs posted so there’s no excuse for missing any of these. I say this because student drivers are always missing signs and I always catch them on these.

I understand the struggle because when you are new there are so many things to remember between scanning your intersections, checking your mirrors every 5 to 8 seconds, checking your rear view mirror every time you slow down or stop, doing the appropriate number of shoulder checks, checking for pedestrians, checking for cyclists, watching the pedestrian timer and watching the traffic light…and you still need to watch out for these signs! #struggleisreal

Not much to say here except to keep your head up! Look further ahead and prepare to follow these signs! If you are turning, you still need to signal accordingly. Just because this sign tells you you need to turn doesn’t mean you don’t need to communicate any more.

As always, stay safe out there, folks! Until next time!


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