How to properly and safely open the driver side door


I often get laughs or weird looks when I ask my student to open their door…but it’s not a trick question. There is a purpose to asking you to open your door safely.

If you don’t properly check your mirrors and shoulder check and open your door, you might swing it open and take out a cyclist or have a car driving by take your door right off. Now that I have your attention, please read the following to properly and safely open your door.

First you want to check your rear view mirror to see if there are any cars coming out of drive ways behind you. Then, still in your rear view mirror, check if there are any cars or cyclists coming down the street. Next,  check your left side mirror and then  do a big shoulder check over your left shoulder to ensure there is nothing in your left blind spot. Finally, use two hands as you proceed to open your door.

Yes, you will be asked by the ICBC evaluator to do this on your road test.

You’ll be asked to do this on one of your many pull over parkings during your test. Be sure to practice with your driving instructor or supervisor to ensure you are doing it correctly and safely.

As always, stay safe out there!

Photo credit: @busdriverlife on Twitter


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