Sign of the Week: Stop sign ahead

Sign of the Week is a weekly feature here on the SenSen Driving School blog that demystifies some common head-scratching signs you’ll see as a driver.


This week we will be discussing what the “stop sign ahead” is all about.

Let’s keep this one simple. This sign is again a yellow sign which, if you’ve been following the SenSen Driving Tips blog, then you would know is a warning sign. These signs are typically placed well before a stop sign to warn you that one is coming. The stop sign can be either a two-way stop or a four-way stop.

These signs are typically located well ahead of the actual stop sign because sometimes the actual stop sign can be around a corner, down or up a hill. They’re strategically placed so the driver can be forewarned that a stop sign is coming up. The signs are also extremely helpful in warning us that there is stop sign ahead in the dark at night time.

This sign may be one of the easier signs to identify and answer on the written test but it is no less important than the others.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. Until next time. Drive Safe, Drive Smart. Drive with Confidence.


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