Sign of the Week: Do not enter

Sign of the Week is a weekly feature here on the SenSen Driving School blog that demystifies some common head-scratching signs you’ll see as a driver.


I want to keep it simple again this week. Not much to say about this one except you need to make sure you do not enter. This is typically mounted in areas where people can easily mistaken and drive into. If you make the mistake and enter, you will probably end up driving into oncoming vehicles. Yes, that’s terrifying for both you and the oncoming cars.

Basically this boils down to sign awareness. Again, on top of the million other things you need to do (scanning intersections, checking mirrors, shoulder checks, watching for hazards), you need to also watch for signs. My advice: look and scan further ahead so you are never surprised of what’s coming.

If you have any questions or concerns. Please feel free to contact us!



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