What exactly are blind spots?

Blind Spots

This week we will be discussing what blind spots are around your vehicle.

When you are training and learning how to drive, you often hear about blind spots from your supervisor or driving instructor. You’ve read about them in the ICBC textbook as well, but what are blind spots and where are they, really?

Blind spots are large areas around your car that, even with perfectly adjusted mirrors, you will not be able to see. The size of the blind spots will vary depending on the size and shape of the vehicle you are driving. The more dangerous ones are the ones on the side of the vehicle just over your right and left shoulders. There are also blind spots located directly in front of your vehicle and directly behind your car.

I would highly recommend you discuss where these blind spots are around your car before you even start driving. Don’t be afraid to ask your supervisor or driving instructor to go outside the car and stand in these blind spots. If you do this, you will then truly understand how these are your blind spots and the importance of shoulder checks.

Build good driving habits from the start! Start shoulder checking the moment you start learning how to drive. If I got a dollar every time a student missed a shoulder check…. well you get the story. (I would own a detached home in Vancouver on the west side in no time…just FYI)

Bottom line: Know your blind spots and do your shoulder checks!


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