How to use the turn signal lever

In the coming weeks we wanted to start discussing a little more of what the controls are inside of your vehicle. Of course every manufacturer/company/brand has their own designs, but we will discuss in general terms of how these levers or buttons work.

This week we will be talking about the turn signal lever. This is the same in all vehicles with left hand driving. It is located just to the left of the steering wheel. For a lot of makes and models, the turn signal lever also allows you to control your headlights and your high beams. Please feel free to ask your supervisor or driving instructor if you have any trouble locating it in your car.


This lever is used to control your left and right turn signals. To signal left, you simple push the lever down, and to turn right you simply push the lever up. If you turn the steering wheel more than 90 degrees then the signal will automatically turn off. Anything less you would need to manually turn off the signal. For example, if you need to change lanes, you typically don’t need to turn the wheel too much and therefore you’ll need to manually turn off your signal. If you were to do a 90 degree turn, then as the wheel spins back, the turn signal will turn off by itself.

For a lot of makes and models, there will be a twist option at the end of the lever—this is typically to control your low beam and high beam lights. Please discuss this with whoever is teaching you to understand which is which.

Remember! Communication is key. It is important to learn how to signal, when to signal and when to turn it off so you don’t confuse other road users.


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