What’s the purpose of the parking brake?


This week we will be discussing what the parking brake is and the purpose for it. The parking brake can be located in several places in your car, depending on the manufacturer or company or brand. Please go through this with your supervisor or driving instructor to know where it is in your vehicle.

In general, the parking brake is located in the center console located to the right of the driver beside your gearshift lever. Also known as the emergency brake or simply e-brake, the parking brake prevents the vehicle from moving when you are parked. This must be engaged or pulled up when you are parked and disengaged or put down when you are driving or reversing.


Depending on what vehicle you are driving, sometimes the parking brake is hand lever and sometimes it can be a foot lever. I’ve noticed that in the newer or higher-end vehicles, the parking brake is electronic and is a button or a small lever.

Either way, make sure that during your road test, you fully apply the parking brake when you are parked. Likewise, your parking brake needs to be fully released when you are ready to go again. These are easy marks to lose if you forget.

Please feel free to contact us at SenSen Driving School if you have any questions or concerns—we would be more than happy to assist you.

Photo credit: Abby M (CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikipedia)

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