The 3 mirrors in your car (and what they are for)

This week we will continue the topic of getting to know our vehicle. We’re going to cover the topic of mirrors!

Most cars have the three mirrors illustrated by the picture below.


Mirrors were put into the car so the driver can better see whats going on around them. All modern cars have all three mirrors but some older cars might have the passenger side mirror missing.

The one in the center is called the rear view mirror. Every time you get into your car, after you put your seatbelt on and adjust your seat position, you should adjust your rear view mirror. Even if you are the only operator of the vehicle, you should still double check it because sometimes depending on how we sit, the view might change slightly. Adjust the mirror so you can see as much through the back window as possible. Note: please sit normally when adjusting. I find students sit up while adjusting and then go back to their normal seating position and they then need to change it again.

The side mirrors also need to be adjusted. When you are adjusting them, try to minimize your blind spots as much as possible. Please refer to our article on blind spot if you aren’t familiar with what blind spots are. As always, work closely with your supervisor or driving instructor to find the optimum position for your mirrors.

If you’ve been following my blog closely, you would remember that I’ve mentioned even if you perfectly set the mirrors there will always still be blind spots. So please still do all your appropriate shoulder checks to ensure there is nothing in your blind spots.

Until next time! Drive safe. Drive smart. Drive with Confidence.

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