What’s the first thing you should do when you get in your car?


Seatbelts. Seatbelts. Seatbelts. Safety is always number one with me. Safety is always number one with ICBC. The first thing you do when you get in your car should be to put your seatbelt on. I recommend doing this even before you adjust your seat or your mirrors. I find students sometimes forget to wear their seatbelt if they do other things first.

There are three main reasons you should put your seatbelt on:

1) Safety is number 1 and you don’t want to die.
2) Your seatbelt can significantly reduce your chances of a serious injury or death should an accident happen
3) It’s the law in British Columbia. If the cops see you operating a vehicle without your seatbelt on, you will get fined $167.

Please note that it is also your responsibility as the driver to ensure all your passengers have their seatbelts on too. I sometimes purposely don’t put my seatbelt on to see if the student is paying attention. Yes, I’m tricky like that.

Make sure when you put your seatbelt on, it fits snugly over your chest and low over your mid section. Sometimes for shorter students, the seatbelt cuts into their neck. If that’s the case with you, there is an adjustment you can make. Please ask your supervisor or driving instructor on how to make that change.

Please don’t try to put the cross strap behind your back because it bothers you. It is across your body for a reason. Keep yourself safe!

Drive Safe. Drive Smart. Drive with Confidence.

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