What exactly are blind spots?

Blind Spots

This week we will be discussing what blind spots are around your vehicle.

When you are training and learning how to drive, you often hear about blind spots from your supervisor or driving instructor. You’ve read about them in the ICBC textbook as well, but what are blind spots and where are they, really?

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How to make hand signals for driving

You will be asked to show what the hand signals are during the pre-trip check portion of your ICBC road test. The pre-trip check is done before you head out on to the road at the beginning of your road test. Please refer to our pre-trip check post if you aren’t sure why they need you to do it at the start of the road test.

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Traffic circles: What are they for, and how to navigate them


Traffic circles are typically found in residential neighborhoods and/or small streets. The purpose of traffic circles in intersections is to slow down traffic without using two-way or four-way stops to stop the flow of traffic.

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