How to properly and safely open the driver side door


I often get laughs or weird looks when I ask my student to open their door…but it’s not a trick question. There is a purpose to asking you to open your door safely.

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Sign of the week: Turn control signs

Turn Control Signs

Turn control signs are are typically located directly above the intersection. Often there will be at least two of these signs posted so there’s no excuse for missing any of these. I say this because student drivers are always missing signs and I always catch them on these.

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Sign of the week: Prepare to stop

Sign of the Week is a weekly feature here on the SenSen Driving School blog that demystifies some common head-scratching signs you’ll see as a driver.

“Prepare to stop” signs are typically placed where you would have trouble seeing the traffic light initially because of a hill or a curve. This sign is strategically placed well before the traffic light so the driver can respond accordingly.


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How to enter and exit the highway


This topic is for all my students who are taking their Class 5 road test. Of course, the skill isn’t only limited to them but their road test will consist of the highway component.

The basic highway will consist of three sections: the acceleration lane, the highway and the exit lane.

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What’s the difference between yellow versus white speed limit signs?

This week we will be discussing the difference between white sign speed limits and yellow sign speed limits. Is there even a difference? Aren’t all speed limit signs the same?


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